D5 Ranger 4


● Adjustable Steering Column
● Cylindrical Evolution Sound Bar
● Two-tone Luxury Seats With Foldable Armrests
● Seat Back Cover With Cuphold/handrail,charging Port ,storage Pocket .,etc
● Multi-functional Dashboard
● Rear Storage Trunk
● EM Brake
● LED Lighting
● Foldable Windshield with Slidable Sub-windows
● Automobile Style Rear Bumper
● 14×7” Aluminum Wheel/ 23×10-14 Silent Tire with Off-road Thread
● Automotive E-coat Chassis
● 9” Multi-functional Touchscreen
(Speed display ,Driving Gear indication ,Lights,Odometer, Radio ,Music ,Bluetooth Connection, Back-up camera image display.,etc)

● 48V 110AH Lithium Battery
● 6.3KW Motor With EM Brake
● 400 A, AC Controller
● 25A On-board Charger
● Top Speed ≥40km/h(25mp

114.6×55.8×79.5 inch

Embodying Elegance in Every Ride

D5 Ranger 4 is an epitome of luxury on wheels, tailored to the discerning individual. Its multi-functional dashboard not only adds to the aesthetic appeal but stands as a testament to the owner’s unique personality. Every journey is bathed in ambient light, thanks to the powerful LED lighting, ensuring clarity even post-dusk.

Luxury doesn’t stop at the aesthetic; it permeates the very experience of the D5 Ranger 4. The adjustable steering column and top-notch seats ensure that every drive is a symphony of comfort. Sliding air vents ensure you’re cocooned in comfort, allowing the breeze to glide through without a hair out of place. Even the tires, with their precise design, ensure that the ride is smooth and turf-friendly.

*Images are for illustrative purposes only. Actual product features and colors may vary and be optional at an extra charge. For availability, please consult your local dealer.